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The title of this site is taken from my different interests,
which are very eclectic to say the least.

The information you will find on these web pages is collected from various places and, in many cases, is backed by historical and/or current scientific facts. Some other information comes from respected philologus articles & opinions, as well as my own opinions of various matters.

In life one must: Battle On...

Raspberries or the Great Skunk Shoot Out!

I was picking raspberries behind the house, when I smelled something funny and then heard 3 monstrous creatures behind me. I made a strategically retreat to find a suitable weapon. (I ran around the house in a panic calling for my momma!) Put on my six shooter and grabbed the 1866 Winchester and went back to the fray... The 3 monsters were planning an ambush behind the pine trees. I soon discovered them and fired away, they split up, one headed for the hay fields, I am sure I wing him! (well maybe I did...) But the other two would not escape, moving to the other side of the trees. I took aim and fired killing one and the second shot wounded the other, another round finished finished him off as well... ( I have not figured out with only 4 rounds fired, I used up over 15, go figure!) I disposed of the bodies on the far side of the hay field, did not bury em, you know buzzards need to eat the same as worms. Showered and washed my clothes, later I went out looking for the one that got away, but no luck... And now I only need to look out for one pissed off momma monstrous creature.... yes monstrous, they may be little, but when they are black with a white stripe they are monsters to any sane cowboy..
Dead Eye Al
June 28, 2004